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Simpoe Pro Molding Analysis Software

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Input/Output formats:
CAD: Same as Pro/ENGINEER, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, CADAM
etc… Automatic Meshing
FEM: ABAQUS, Nastran, Mesh Quality Control Tools
Integrated Material Data Base
Built-in and User-defined
→ Geometry Type
Surface: Mid-Surface Model
_ Shell3D: Solid Shell Model
_Solid3D: Solid Model
Result Parameters:
_ Temperature distribution
_ Pressure distribution
_ Volume Shrinkage
_ Shear Stress
_ Shear Rate
_ Fill Animation
_ Warpage & Shrinkage Deflection
_ Fiber Orientation
_ Cooling Time
_ Weld Lines
_ Air Traps
_ Sink Marks
→Basic Parameters
Plastic Materials: Built-in and customizable plastic materials data bank
_Injection process controlling parameters: Flow rate or Time control, Resin melt and mold wall temperatures.
Injection press maximum pressure & maximum flow rate
_Definitions of injection gates: runners and cooling channels
_Co-Injection, Fibers, Muti-Domains, Inserts
Automatic Report Generation
with HTML, PPT and Word Formats.
Integrated Surface and Volume
Editor for Runner and Cooling
Unit System: S.I-metric and BTU
System Requirements:
_ MS Windows XP / Vista / 7
_ Pro/ENGINEER active license
_ 2 GB RAM or more
_ Intel Core2Duo or more
_ 32 or 64 bit
_ 1 GB Hard Disk
_ Mouse & Keyboard


Packing Parameters
_ Filling/Packing analysis switch
_ Pressure holding time (absolute or relative profile)
_ Fiber percentage
_ Co-injection, Gas and Water Assisted Injection
Cooling Parameters
Thermal regulation parameters:
Built-in and customizable mold material library (
aluminum, copper and steel alloys) and coolant
fluid library (oil, water…).
Melt temperature
Coolant temperature
Mold opening time
Ejection temperature
Mold surfaces temperatures
_Cooling channels and runners built-in editor :
Geometry, diameters and meshing.
Coolant temperature and flow rate .
Warp Parameters
_ Warpage simulation parameters :
Ambient temperature
Cooling Results
_ Thermal regulation:
Part cooling time
Part temperature at end of cooling.
Mold temperature
Mold heat transfer flux.
→Warp Results 
_Warpage :
X,Y and Z warpage displacements ( absolute
and user defined reference frames)
Resulting displacement and superposition on
original part.
Warpage measurement between two userdefined
Sink Marks values.
Deformed & Counter-deformed geometry
output file.
Deformed geometry output file: STL, Nastran
& Abaqus file formats.