Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Windchill Services

Whether your business is in manufacturing, transportation, or life sciences; whether you're a global conglomerate, a regional supplier, or a small service bureau, you face obstacles while trying to manage content and processes. Your company's success relies on the efficient and effective development of complex information assets including product designs, service documentation, and regulatory submissions. Windchill, PTC's production-proven content and process management software, offers a solution. Fast, secure, and requiring only a Web browser to access, Windchill enables companies to streamline content development processes and deliver superior physical goods and information products.



  • Secure, industry-standard Internet architecture delivers a safe, high-performing technology platform
  • Complete product definition and collaboration capabilities expertly drive cross-enterprise understanding of information - regardless of source
  • Single source of product information/content enables development efficiencies, reduces errors and rework
  • Repeatable, end-to-end process support and automation speeds time-to-market and reduces development cost



Key component of PTC's Product Development System
Integral connection with Pro/ENGINEER and Arbortext

End-to-end process support to other enterprise systems

Process optimization
Enables change management, configuration management, supplier management, parts reuse

Manages complex content
Integrates with major mechanical/electrical CAD and software source code solutions

Heterogeneous Data
With a deep understanding of content from the major authoring tools, Windchill 8.0 offers expert management of and collaboration on heterogeneous MCAD/ECAD data, software, and documents.

Integral Technical Publications
By delivering integration between Windchill PDMLink and Arbortext, PTC is introducing an industry first: an integral solution for the creation, collaboration, control and communication of technical publications.

CAD Data
With a deep understanding of electrical/mechanical design data from all major authoring tools, Windchill 8.0 offers expert management of and collaboration on heterogeneous CAD data.

Enhanced Workflow Capabilities
Enhanced workflow capabilities, such as "lifecycle transitions," allow companies to enforce best practices while maintaining flexibility by accommodating different business rules for each phase of the product development lifecycle.

Integral Parts Management
Integral parts management, via the Windchill PartsLink Classification and Reuse module, provides the ability to load and manage a classification structure, classify parts, and create a high-speed, parameter-based search.

Product Structure Explorer
The product structure explorer enhances configuration management by unifying product structure editing tools and greatly improving ease of use via the combination of editing, visualization, and annotation operations.

Windchill Archive Module
A new Windchill Archive module enables administrators to easily archive and restore product information, providing data security and reducing compliance costs to meet regulatory information storage requirements.