Saturday, July 20, 2024
Pro/E Services

Performance Engineering Solutions is the oldest local Channel Partner of PTC in the New England and New York area. We have been partners with PTC for the past 5 years based out of Milford CT. Performance Engineering provides a one stop operation that can provide you with all your needs for PTC software, services and training. Equally important is that these services are provided by our local in-house engineers whose early careers routinely used PTC products.

Due to the years of experience our staff has in design engineering project management, we provide contract design engineering services for a number of companies who have found the need to outsource engineering projects and tasks to supplement work load and meet time constraint requirements. We can participate in all phases of product development from concept through production. Whether your company needs industrial design services, design/drafting, analysis or prototyping we can provide quality services. We can also provide onsite staff for your short term needs. Short on workstations for any additional onsite staff? We can also provide a rental workstation with Pro/ENGINEER loaded if needed for a small additional cost with the onsite personnel we provide.

Our experience in manufacturing not only makes our product designs more manufacturable but also allows us to work with you through the manufactiuring process. We have relationships with many local and international manufacturing operations. Through these relationships we can provide project management from prototypes through production in the millions, overseeing the entire process.

Performance Engineering Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer these services given the talent pool it accesses and the engineering knowledge base with more than 55 years of experience.